We recognize the trust that you are placing in us, and understand that you will rely on our integrity and honesty. We have always operated - and will continue to operate - with the highest of standards. We provide complete estate sale services, from set up to broom clean and timely reconcilliation.

While we are in the home, we are truly sensitive to the fact that we are placing a dollar value on things that may have treasured memories. It is our job to find new homes for those treasures, creating new memories for others. We are also sensitive to market conditions and will price fairly and firmly in order to maximize your return.

How does it work?

  • Our  full service commitment includes disposition of prescription medications, ensuring that they are disposed of properly and in accordance with regional restrictions and guidelines.
  • When we begin setting up the house for a sale, we will do our best to gather and return, any items deemed "personal" in nature, that may have been overlooked.
  • A range of  services may be required to facilitate the sale. We coordinate all of those on your behalf and provide itemized records of those deducted transactions.
  • Included in that may be trash or debris removal, document shredding, housecleaning, on site security and appraisals as needed.


Items remaining after the sale may be gifted to a charity of your choice.  Making a decision about where the remainder will be donated is deeply personal and will vary by family. We have wonderful relationships with many local charities and are happy to discuss your preferences and arrange for those donations in your name as well. We will include your charitable receipt(s) with your end-of-sale reconiliation. Your loved one's legacy will continue to positively impact this community.

"Received yesterday your box of family pictures, etc. - thank you for that. Glad to hear the donation items and your and your colleagues' efforts will benefit kids and medical patients. " HED Esq.