We are so excited to announce the formation of our new company, Family Friends, LLC Everyone will experience these losses in their lives. It is our goal to help make those transitions easier. The decision to open a new estate sale company to assist with the distribution and disposition of personal property and possessions was an “easy one”. We want to help families with an approach that combines respect, dignity and compassion. We understand that these are precious items, with precious memories. It’s our job to find new homes for a lifetime of treasures, while also contributing to community organizations that will benefit from their legacy of continued giving.

Charitable giving is built into the business model - Family Friends LLC has selected the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation as the local charity that will receive a designated portion of their sales commission, providing supportive funding for health and wellness initiatives for regional firefighters. Designating the Fire Foundation as our business charity of choice reflects our personal commitment to giving back to local first responders as well as recognizing the role that firefighters play in answering our communities’ calls for help. Additionally, other not for profit organizations will receive a direct benefit from the donations of items that are not considered saleable. Perishables and prescription eye wear are donated to local charities and the remaining unsold items are donated to a wide variety of local charities as chosen by the families.

“These are challenging events in our lives”, said Patty. Having lost both her parents at a very young age, she understands the importance of providing authentic, appropriate and professional assistance. “We all have been involved in social action projects and nonprofit causes to benefit our communities for decades. This is one more way that we can be of service, and it is our honor to do this”.

Whatever level of services a family needs, Family Friends LLC will provide them. Downsizing, transitioning to alternative living arrangements, dealing with the loss of a parent can be overwhelming for individuals and their families. We want to help by bringing and being a fiscally responsible, values-based company, focused on respect, discretion, and continuing your families’ legacy of compassionate giving.

Upcoming Sales

Please see our Facebook page for information on upcoming sales.

"Anita, Patty, and Jennifer were awesome! They went above and beyond my expectations. They handled the sale, the donations, and the removal of everything in my home. My move was stress free because of these wonderful ladies. I highly recommend Family Friends! - LT"